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Best Full Motion TV Wall Mounts

The best full motion TV wall mounts give you the ability to move your TV screen in any direction you like. You can extend away from the wall, tilt your TV forwards and backwards, and can swivel left and right. The best full motion wall mount for your TV depends on where you’re mounting it and how you need to be able to move it.

Kanto offers a variety of full motion TV mounts, with different features and price points. This blog will go over the different families of dual stud full motion TV mounts we offer at Kanto and why you may choose one over the other.

Classic Choice TV Mounts


The FMX family consists of the FMX2 and FMX3 TV Mounts. The FMX2 is only available in a black finish while the FMX3 is available in both black and white.

Key Features of the Kanto FMX Series

  • This family of mounts introduced the horizontal leveling function to ensure your TV is level after installation and includes some basic cable management clips to keep your cables routed neatly.
  • The Kanto FMX series mounts are compatible with a wide range of TV sizes, weights and VESA patterns while also offering a good amount of extension. They support forward and backwards tilting of your TV with this handy built-in lever and a decent amount of swiveling left and right.

Consider a different Kanto TV mounting solution if…

  • Because of the solid wall plate, if you have a socket on the wall that you need to work around, the Kanto FMX series may not work for you.
  • If you are looking to achieve a flush-against-the-wall look that a low profile mount can provide while the TV is pushed back.

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Budget-Friendly Family of TV Mounts


The LDX family consists of the LDX640 and its bigger brother, the LDX690. These mounts are only available in a black powder coated finish.

Similar to the FMX family, the LDX mounts will work with various TV sizes, weights and VESA patterns while giving you tilting and swivel functionality. You also have the horizontal levelling and plastic cable management clips to ensure your TV is level and the viewing area is free of cables.

Both of these mounts will give you the best features of a premium wall mount without any extra bells and whistles at a budget price.

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Key Features of the Kanto LDX Series

  • The first major difference in the LDX family is the introduction of our H-frame style TV attachment. This allows for more accessibility to the back of your TV to accommodate any rear IO ports that your TV may have. It makes plugging in any of your power or AV cables a breeze.
  • You’ll also notice the wallplate on the LDX family is open rather than the solid piece we saw before. This allows you to work around any wall sockets or plugs that may be on your wall.
  • The LDX series mounts also include snap-on plastic covers to give the wallplate a clean look.
  • We designed the LDX family to have a lower profile compared to the FMX family. They will allow your TV to sit 2.2 inches away from the wall.

Consider a different Kanto TV mounting solution if…

  • You frequently adjust your TV screen. The LDX series mounts are fully adjustable, but they don’t include an adjustment lever. Instead, you’ll need to bring out the socket to loosen, adjust to your desired position, and then tighten the tilt mechanism.

The LDX640 is a great mount for someone with a medium to large sized TV who doesn’t need a ton of extension or swiveling motion – While the LDX690, will be a better choice for those with a larger TV looking for more extension.

Both of these mounts will give you the best features of a premium wall mount without any extra bells and whistles at a budget price.

Mount a TV Outdoors


For those looking to mount a TV outdoors, the Kanto PDX series offers great options. This series consists of PDX650PDX680, and PDX700. The PDX650G and PDX700G are designed for mounting your TV outdoors, such as in the backyard or on the patio.

The PDX series mounts support a wide range of TV sizes, weights and VESA patterns so there is bound to be one that will fit your specific TV perfectly. All the mounts have the same tilt range with the amount of swivel increasing as you go up in size.

Key Features of the Kanto PDX Series

  • Adjustable horizontal leveling, the open wall plate and H-frame return for this family
  • Cable management is handled by these integrated metal channels.
  • The wall plate covers are magnetic rather than clip-on.
  • These models also have a lower profile than the LDX family to bring your TV closer to the wall
  • The indoor models feature UL certification to give you peace-of-mind that your TV is safe and secure.
  • The PDX650W and PDX680W are the same great mounts but offered in a white finish if you want your mount to match your room aesthetic.

Consider a different Kanto TV mounting solution if…

  • Your wall studs are off-center.
  • You adjust the tilt of your TV often (consider mounts with adjustable levers like the PMX series).

The PDX family is a great option for those looking for a premium, full motion TV mount and anyone looking to mount a TV outside. Within the PDX family, there is going to be one that is compatible with your TV whether you’re mounting it on a wall inside or outdoors.

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Premium TV Mounts


The Kanto PMX family is essentially the Rolex of TV mounts: packed with tons of exclusive features for ease of use and to help you get the perfect install. This family includes the PMX660PMX680 and PMX700.

Like all of the other families we’ve covered, one of these mounts will fit your TV’s size, weight and VESA pattern.

Key Features of the Kanto PMX Series

  • The H-frame, open wall plate and integrated metal cable channels are still present but now the wall plate covers are full length, magnetic and made of aluminum.
  • The arm assembly of this mount can be removed to make one person installation of the wallplate a breeze.
  • The removable arms allow you to offset the center of your TV from the wallplate so you can place your TV perfectly centered in your mounting area even if your studs won’t allow it.
  • The PMX family has a little less tilt than our other mounts, only up to 12 degrees forward and 3 degrees backward, but they can do this without the use of any tools. The clever latch and knob mechanism allows for on-the-fly adjustments.
  • The PMX mounts are also backed by a 10 year warranty and are UL certified to give you confidence your TV is in good hands.

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Consider a different Kanto TV mounting solution if…

  • If offsetting the center of your TV is not necessary.
  • If you do not plan to adjust your TV very often.

The PMX series of ultra-premium TV mounts is the best choice if your studs are off center in your mounting location or you want to adjust the tilt of your TV on the fly.

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Conclusion: Which Full Motion TV Mounts are best for you?

Kanto offers a wide variety of full motion mounts to ensure the best mount and feature set for your unique installation needs.

Whether you have a medium or extra-large TV, are mounting indoors or outdoors, or need to offset because of stud placement, you can achieve the setup you’re dreaming of with Kanto mounts.

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