Bring the entertainment outdoors

Designed for patios, decks and balconies, Kanto outdoor entertainment accessories provide a weatherproof solution to enjoying your TV outside.

Need a mount for your boat or RV? We’ve got you covered too.

Multi-layered Design

Protection from the elements

Our four-stage process ensures long-lasting weather-proof protection.


Steel Construction

Manufacturing begins with heavy-duty steel to ensure your TV remains safe and secure


Pre-surface Treatment

Sandblasting prepares the surface for powder coating application



Zinc galvanization prevents rust and corrosion


Powder Coating

A durable powder coating is applied to protect against wear and tear

Even more peace of mind

Stainless Steel Hardware

Rust-proof down to the smallest nuts and bolts.

5 Year Warranty

Worry-free entertainment for years to come

Outdoor TV Mounts

Spend more quality time outside

Find your ideal solution with four feature-packed outdoor TV mounts to choose from.


No stress, just support

Our customer support team is ready to help. Reach out with any pre-purchase or install questions, and we’ll be happy to help you get set up.