Kanto TV Mounts Retailers

Retail-ready to give you the edge

The retail competitive environment has never been more challenging. At Kanto, we’re committed to helping you win against your fiercest competition while maintaining profitability.

Kanto has improved the experience for both our customers and our sales staff, and has helped us succeed in attaching more accessory dollars to our overall TV Transactions. We consistently outpace the market in sales growth

Arlene Gower, Director of Merchandising, The Brick

Invested in Your Success

Six ways we help retailers succeed

1 Engineered to Convert

Not only are our products engineered to delight your customers, our pricing is designed to convert the savvy shopper while at the same time supporting our retailers business model. Pricing too high risks conversion, while pricing too low is not sustainable business practice. We engineer our products and pricing to hit the sweet spot for both consumers and retailers.

2 Go-to-Market Strategy

Kanto goes to market through distribution and retail. While the direct to consumer model appeals to many brands, we believe in the value that our partners add. Retailers have a broad basket of goods, provide exceptional marketing, logistics and sales support. Rather than investing in everything our partners already have, we would rather invest in creating exciting product solutions that delight our customers.

3 Retail Price Management

Kanto has a unilateral minimum advertised price policy. We also invest in sophisticated tools and account management practices to ensure a level playing field for all of our partners.

4 Marketing Funnel

Kanto actively funnels business to retailers as opposed to our own ecommerce channels – because we’re invested in your success. Our website sends consumers directly to our partners’ e-commerce listings.

5 Merchandising

Kanto invests in first-class merchandising to help our retail partners convert the sale. Whether it’s rich content for your e-commerce site, or dynamic, interactive in-store merchandising, we’ve got you covered. Download our Merchandiser PDF.

6 Social Proof

Consumers are highly influenced by reviews and social media. Kanto invests in superior customer support, product design and engineering, and social engagement. This helps to ensure that when a consumer at your store researches Kanto, they find strong social proof supporting their purchase decision.

Leading retailers trust Kanto

Independent, chain and national retailers and buying groups across North America and Europe have chosen to partner with Kanto. Will you be next?

Useful resources for retailers

Attach Rate Whitepaper

Download our Whitepaper on how to increase accessory attach purchases based on investments.

Merchandiser Product Sheet

Download our Merchandiser PDF for options to provide your customers with an engaging experience and increase your accessory attach rate.

Increase Attach Sales

If you are a retailer who is looking to increase customer satisfaction and win against your fiercest competition we would love to hear from you.