Kanto PMX Product Line

Experience the unique features of the PMX Series.

Designed for large TVs while providing the same great experience and superior quality you’ve come to expect with Kanto PMX wall mount tv stands.

Made for Larger TVs

10 Year Warranty

Toolless Adjustments


Your only choice to mount extra large TVs

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Perfect Positioning

Easily remove the arm assembly from the wall plate to make installation a breeze. This also allows for TV center adjustments regardless of where your studs are located.

Toolless Tilt Mechanism

The specially designed toolless tilt mechanism allows on-the-fly tilt adjustments for the perfect viewing angle. Set the tension on your wall mount tv stand to allow for fingertip adjustments or to lock your TV in place.

Superior Extension

Solid steel construction and heavy-duty wishbone arms allow for maximum extension and stability, even while supporting larger TVs. The Kanto PMX model series will hold the heaviest TVs at full extension without a problem.

Easy Installation

Each mount includes a carefully packaged box containing all the lag bolts, anchors, washers, spacers and screws needed for installation. An included drill template makes marking holes for installation pain free.

Compare PMX Models

Model TV Size Weight Capacity Total Offset Extension Tilt Swivel VESA Price
PMX660 37″- 80″ 125 lb 12″ 22″ -3/+12° 180° 200×100
PMX680 39″ – 80″ 125 lb 18″ 24″ -3/+12° 180° 200×100
PMX700 42″ – 100″ 150 lb 22″ 31″ -3/+12° 180° 200×100
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