Recessed In-Wall TV Mount
R400 is a mount made for Pro’s featuring a true no gap installation that allows your TV to sit perfectly flush against your wall for the ultimate low-profile look. Thin TVs like OLED appear to float like a picture frame with no visible hardware. With a recessed box that sits in-between studs, you can store streaming boxes and other small electronic accessories out of sight. Metal knockouts allow you to easily run a power outlet into the box, while rubber grommets handle all other cabling for a completely in-wall, wire-free experience. Durable metal cable management clips on the articulating arms take care of messy cables when the TV is pulled out to its full 18” of extension.
100 x 100 - 400 x 400
80 lb
35" - 65″
Up to 18"
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Achieve a perfectly flush TV installation

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