Outdoor Full Motion Ceiling Mount

Replacement Product: CM600SG

The CM600G TV Ceiling Mount features a galvanized steel frame and stainless steel hardware to prevent rust when mounted outdoors. Engineered to provide a quick installation on flat and sloped ceilings, the full motion ceiling mount’s telescoping extension pole offers 23” of height adjustment and 360° of rotation, ensuring your TV is positioned exactly where you want it. Along with adjustable leveling screws, the full motion ceiling mount’s brackets feature four discrete tilt options, giving you the ability to angle your TV independent of the pole. Tilt your TV up to 15° forward to improve line-of-sight, or 6° backward to compensate for potential lean. Unobstructed cable management is also provided through the entire length of the outdoor TV ceiling mount, keeping your cables safe and out of sight.

75 x 75 - 600 x 400
110 lb
37″ - 70″
Up to 66.3" in 2" increments

Outdoor Use

Assembled with stainless steel hardware, the outdoor TV ceiling mount’s galvanized steel frame and powder-coated finish are designed to withstand rust and the increased wear and tear associated with outdoor use.

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