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How to Pick the Right Wall Mount for Your Home

You might be wondering how to pick a TV mount. TV mounts come in a variety of types to accommodate different setups and locations.

Your setup and needs are unique to your home and you’ll want to pick the right mount before you get it up on the wall and realize it doesn’t work quite right for your space. If you’re thinking how to pick a TV wall mount, read through these few things before you make a purchase.

Kanto Mounts Fixed Mount Kids Watching TV

When choosing a fixed mount, keep the location of your TV’s inputs in mind, as you may need to use the provided spacers to ensure your cables fit properly.

The back of a TV's inputs

Tilting Mounts

A tilting mount, like our PT300, is ideal if you need to sit lower than your TV can be mounted such as above a fireplace or media center. While they also provide a reasonably low-profile solution, tilting mounts let you adjust the angle of your TV to improve line-of-sight and reduce glare.

Kanto Mounts Tilting Mount Over Living Room Fireplace

Full Motion Mounts

If you want complete control over the position of your TV, a full motion mount is the way to go.

Full motion mounts feature an articulating arm allowing you to extend, swivel and tilt your TV almost anywhere you want. This provides you with the best seat in the house, regardless of where you’re located. If you’re looking for a certain aesthetic, some full motion mounts come in a white finish, like the PDX680.

Kanto Mounts FM100 Lifestyle

These are just the general features of Fixed, Tilting, and Full Motion TV mounts. There are plenty of options available within each category and even outside of these three categories, so first decide which type of mount you want, then pick one that works with your particular setup.

To view the different categories of mounts Kanto has to offer, take a look at our mount types here.