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Kanto Audio introduces ORA: High Performance Desktop Speaker

Powerful & Compact 50W Speakers, featuring Bluetooth 5.0, USB-C input for iPhone 15, Analogue RCA Line-in, and Sub-out for $349 USD / $399 CAD / £299 / €299

The new ORA, from Canadian speaker manufacturer Kanto Audio is a powerful compact desktop speaker ideal for listening to music, gaming, or for use as a home or remote recording studio monitor. Featuring separate amplifiers for the woofers/tweeters, ORA offers superior clarity alongside a smooth, accurate frequency response.

Featuring Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, Analogue Line-in — and a USB-C input for connecting iPhone 15, Android devices, Digital Audio Players, PC, Mac and more — ORA delivers 50 watts of bi-amplified Class D power. When using the USB-C input, ORA outputs audio, up to and including, 16-bit / 48kHz.

The Kanto Audio ORA also includes a subwoofer output, with a built-in automatic crossover at 100 Hz that high-passes the speakers and low-passes the sub-out, enabling seamless integration with a powered subwoofer — such as the Kanto Audio SUB8.

At just 3.9 inches wide, by 6.9 inches high, by 5.6 inches deep, Kanto Audio have designed a high-performance compact speaker perfect for desktop use. ORA can also be used with the dedicated Kanto Audio S2, SE2, or SP9 speaker stands (sold separately), or easily wall-mounted.

“With ORA, listeners don’t have to compromise on enjoying exceptional audio quality just because they have a limited amount of space. ORA is accurate enough to serve as a great desktop speaker for gaming, whilst delivering an image and soundstage that satisfies both audiophiles and music enthusiasts.” — Brett Smalley, Kanto Audio.

Each of ORA’s magnetically-shielded speakers feature a 3-inch Paper Cone Woofer and ¾-inch Silk-dome Waveguide-mounted Tweeter. In addition, each speaker employs separate amplifiers for both woofers and tweeters, ensuring an accurate frequency response during playback. As a result, Kanto Audio has engineered a product which — no matter the source — delivers clear highs, detailed midrange, and an impressively powerful bass. ​

Kanto Audio ORA Desktop Speaker system is available in US from October 30th, and UK/EU from November. Priced $349 / £299 / €299 .